Airtel Bondho Sim Offer 2023 Exclusive Offers

Hello everyone, today I will talk here about Airtel Bondho SIM Offer 2023. Follow my article to know details about Bondho Sim Offer. Airtel always gives many attractive and new offer for his customers.

Airtel has given many amazing offer for reactivation of Airtel SIM. You may say it also a comeback offer. Airtel gives you a chance to come back and take those affordable offer.

In this whole article you will get some splendid Airtel Bondho SIM Offer 2023.

Airtel Bondho Sim Offer

Come back to Airtel and reactivate your SIM again and get many interesting Bondho sim offer. Here you will get many superb offer like you will get internet package offer, call rate offer, social pack offer, minute offer, MMS offer and so on. Stay with this article to know all about Airtel bondho SIM offer 2023.

Here I will discuss

  1. What do you get from this Airtel bondho SIM offer 2023?
  2. How do you get those offers?
  3. How to check those offers?
  4. How to buy those offers?
  5. Are you applicable for this offers or not?
  6. What is the benefit of those offers?
  7. Why do you buy dose offers?
  8. Are those offers affordable or not?

Airtel is a brand that has always come with many beneficial offers to its subscribers. To maintain this rules Airtel again come with some demanding Bondho SIM offer 2023

Are you Airtel user? Then why do you waste your time? Come back Airtel and reactivate your Bondho sim to take those offers. I hope you will like each and every Airtel bondho SIM offer 2023. 

  • How do you know you are applicable or not for this Airtel Bondho Sim offer??

Take your phone. Reactive your closed Airtel SIM and come back Airtel. Then you have to dial * 999 # or type 0160000000 and send to 9000. Then wait for a while. If you are eligible for this offer you will get a confirmation sms from Airtel. And if you get the SMS you will be able to buy any Airtel Bondho SIM offers.

List of Airtel Bondho SIM Offer:

  • 5 GB at 33 Taka

This offer is only applicable for The Eligible Bondho sim users. If you are eligible for this offer then recharge 33 taka for reactivate your connection. After recharging 33 Taka you will get 5 GB internet with 7 days validity. With this 50GB internet you will also get 48-paisa/minute and one second pulse for 30 days.

To check your internet balance dial *3#

  • 3 GB at 12 Taka

This is another significant low price offer in Airtel bondho sim. If you want to take this offer you have to reactivate your off SIM. After activation of your connection you have to recharge 12 Taka in your Airtel number. And your internet offer will automatically added to your Internet balance. 

To check internet balance press *3#

  • 1GB and 40 minutes at 34 Taka

From this offer you also get talktime and internet at only 34 taka. This offer is very alluring and beneficial. You should come back your Airtel after know this news. To take this offer you have to recharge your main account 34 taka and you will get 1GB internet at any operator. Validity of this offer is 7 days.  In this package you also get 48 Paisa per minute in every call rate. 

To check your internet balance dial *3# and to check your minute balance dial *778#.

  • 5 GB at 109 taka

Again Airtel has given you a very smart offer for smart users. If you are heavy users of internet then reactivate your SIM and take this offer quickly. In this offer there is also include 100 minutes at any local number.

To get this offer you have to come back your bondho Airtel sim and you have to recharge only 109 taka. After recharging 109 Taka you will automatically receive 5 GB internet package and 100 minutes in your account.  

Validity of this internet package and talk time is 30 days.

To know your internet balance dial *3#.

Airtel has announced some exclusive offers for deactivated customers in 2023. For those Airtel SIM that have been shutting down for a long time, SIM companies offer attractive offers. Airtel and its no exception.

Currently Airtel has some interesting offers. The Internet bundle and the minute bundle are notable.

If you have an Airtel SIM unused for more than three months, you are covered by this offer.

But another thing is that you must check whether you get the offer. That’s why you have to dial *999#

Are you looking for exciting Airtel Bondho sim offer? Then this article is for you. Because in this article we are going to show you exciting Bondhu sim offer. So let’s get started.

3GB Internet Offer Expiry 15 days for 12 Tk recharge

You will get 3 GB internet only for use on facebook and instagram after recharging 12 bucks if you turn on your unused airtel shutdown SIM. 3GB internet will have 15 days.

So if you are addicted to using social media then this bundle will be ideal for you. Because spending 3GB of internet using Facebook is a very difficult thing.

But one thing to keep in mind is that watching the video will soon end the megabytes. Because of that, if you do not play any video, you can use Facebook and Instagram for free for 15 days.

Important Information to Note

Data: 3GB

Validity: 15 Days

Price: 12 taka

How to check: *121#

54 GB Recharge 3GB Internet Expiry 5 days

This offer is the ideal package for all types of internet access. Because accepting this package will allow you to browse any website. Applies only to use Facebook and Instagram.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the previous package is a taka 12 recharge and the current one I am talking about is a taka 54 recharge bundle.

Apart from this, there is a more attractive offer at a recharge of Rs. 34. We’ll talk about that later. But let’s see how you can get 3GB internet at a recharge of 54 bucks.

First you need to turn off your SIM. After this, the shop will have to recharge. If you recharge 55/60, you will not get this offer.

This internet bundle will not apply if you develop or recharge from a rocket account. Before recharge, you must keep this in mind.

Important Information to Note

Data: 3GB

Price: 54

Validity: 5 Days

Check: *121#

34 Taka recharge for 1 GB and 40 minutes talk time for 3 days

This is an attractive offer from Airtel. If you want to get internet and minute talk time together then there is no alternative to this offer.

Because you’re getting an Internet browser for the Internet and 40 minutes of talk time, which applies to calling all numbers. So why delay it if you have a closed SIM then turn it on now.

An issue is required, and your SIM must be closed for more than two months. However you can take this offer.

And that is not to say that you must recharge with Flexiload.

I discussed all the offers of Airtel Off SIM. Stay tuned for more interesting offers.

Important Information to Note

Recharge Amount: 34

Data Volume: 1GB

Minute Bundle: 40 Minutes

Price: 34 taka

Validity: 3 Days

Offer Details:

Recharge amount: Recharge 34 Tk

Minute bundle: 40 minutes

Call rate: 48p/min call rate

Data volume: 1 GB

Validity period: 7 days

How to check balance: dial *3#

How to Take Airtel Bondho SIM Offer

You know that there are many bondho SIM offer for Airtel. and it is our expectation that you have already decided which offer you will take. now it is time to take the offer. so what to do now?

At first you have to insert the sim into your devices. Within a few minutes many message will appear from Airtel. And with those messages you will learn about your current offer. If you have sufficient balance on your account then you can purchase any of your offer right now.

Airtel Bondho Sim Internet Offer 2023

The 2023 year starts with heavy internet packages from Airtel. In this year it is giving you great opportunity for surfing internet. They have deducted the internet charge. so you can buy Airtel internet packages in 2023 with a very cheap rate.

Now we talk about Airtel internet offer in 2023.

You know that Airtel has launched my Airtel app. This is an Amazing app for Airtel internet users. Because with this app you can manage your internet packages.

Moreover internet package price is very low in this app. So you can save us amount of money by parts in internet packages from this app. Therefore there is opportunity for making and customising your bundle packages.

There are some exciting bondho SIM offer right now. You need to check the official website of Airtel in order to get latest internet offer for Bondho sim.

For Airtel offer menu, please dial *121#

And for more information about latest internet offer, please visit my Airtel app.

That’s all for this moment. Please leave a comment below about our service. For getting exciting deals like this please keep visiting our website regularly. Please like comment and share this website on social media. Thank you very much for reading our article.

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