Airtel 9tk 1GB Offer and Code 2021

This article will assist you to know about some excellent offer of Airtel. In this article I will try to represent the basic rules of taking Airtel 9tk 1GB offer.

I will discuss about

Airtel 9 Taka MB offer.

Airtel 9 Taka 1GB offer.

Airtel 9 Taka 1GB offer code.

Airtel 9 Taka 1 GB Offer

Airtel is the most prestigious brand in our country. Airtel has always arrived with exciting and surprising offer. Airtel always stay with many type of offer as much as possible. And this 1GB at 9 taka is another superb offer that has been created by Airtel.

We are always looking for some low cost and long day validity internet offer. Airtel is that kind of brand that always gives priority to the necessity and importance of its customers. That is why Airtel again has brought a super internet offer. In this offer you will get 1GB internet at only 9 taka.

In this article I will describe the whole thing of Airtel 1GB at 9 Taka offer.

Here I will illustrate the topic

How to you know about this Airtel 1 GB Offer?

This offer is very easy to gain. If you are eligible for this offer Airtel will confirm you by SMS. Airtel would send you 1GB at 9 Taka offer by SMS. Only then you will be eligible for this offer otherwise you cannot buy this offer. So firstly you have to confirm that you got this SMS. Or you may dial *212*809# to check.

Airtel 9 Taka MB offer

This 9 Taka MB offer is an excellent data plan. From this offer you will get 1GB. Receive this offer is very easy. To receive this offer you will have to recharge in your account 9 taka and then you get 1 GB in your internet balance. You can take this offer anytime if you get this offer SMS by Airtel. Airtel will inform you that you are eligible for this 9 Taka MB offer.

How to buy this 1GB offer?

To get this offer you have to recharge 9 Taka in your account balance. After recharging 9 Taka, you will confirm by sms that you will get the 1GB offer and you have been charged 9 Taka. You can also buy this offer by using a simple code.

Airtel 9 Taka 1GB offer code 2021

Sometime it’s quite difficult to recharge 9 taka in your account. Or sometimes we have enough money to buy this offer and we no need to recharge in our account 9 taka. To solve this situation Airtel gives you a process that you can buy this offer by using code. Airtel 9 Taka 1 GB offer code is *121*889#.

You must have to dial this code to take this 1 GB offer. This is a small but easy system to take Airtel 1GB offer at 9 taka internet offer.

Validity of this 1 GB offer is 3 days.

How to check internet balance for this offer?

Checking balance is an important task. For confirmation that we have to get the internet balance and sometimes we have to check balance to know how much we have consume internet. To know you’re the internet balance you must have to dial this code *8444*88# or *3#.

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