Airtel 30GB 30 Days 297 Tk, 300 Tk, 329 Tk, 344 Tk Offer Code 2023 (30 Din Meyad)

Airtel has exclusive offer for 30 days validity at low price. In this article we will discuss about Airtel 30GB 30 Days 297 Tk, 300 Tk, 329 Tk, 344 Tk Offer Code 2021. By reading this article you will learn how to get Airtel 30GB for 30 Din at only 297, 300, 329 & 344 taka.

Airtel 30GB 30 Days Internet Offer

This is the cheapest internet offer from Airtel in Bangladesh. This internet package is very popular in this country because of long validity period and cheap price.

Previously the package price was only 297 taka. But now the price is high. Though you can get the package at low price from some flexiload shop and online retailer.

Now the package is available in different price. Most available price for the pack is 300 Taka, 329 Taka, 344 Taka & 349 Taka. Now we are going to discuss about how to take the offer, and activation code for the internet package.

How to Get Airtel 30gb 30 Days

Airtel 30GB 30 Days 329 Taka

Now you can purchase Airtel 30gb internet for 30 days validity at 329 taka from my Airtel App. In order to get the offer you must update your Airtel app from Google play store.

Offer Name: Internet

Operator: Airtel

Applicable in: Bangladesh

Data Volume: 30GB

Validity: 30 Days

Data Type: 4G

Usable: 24 Hours a day

Price: 329 Taka

Available at: My Airtel App

Airtel 30GB 30 Days 329 Tk Offer Code:

There are ways of getting the internet offer. The very fast method is buy from Flexiload shop. The alternative is my Airtel App. And the last method of of taking this Airtel 30 days internet offer online vendor.

Airtel 30GB 300 Tk

Some online retailer offering Airtel 30gb internet at Taka 300 only. Today an online vendor, Al Imran who is very famous for offering Airtel Banglalink and Robi internet and minute Talktime at low price, called me and offered Airtel 35GB 30 Days with 800 Minutes at only taka 429.

Airtel 30GB 300 Tk Offer Code: There is no code of purchasing this internet offer. You can only grab this offer from my Airtel App.

Airtel 30GB 30 Days 297 Tk Offer Code

Are you interested of Airtel 30gb internet at 30 days validity for taka 297? Then you are on the right place. because from here you can easily purchase the internet offer.

Offer Price: 297 TK

Validity Period: 30 Days

Availability: Not available right now

When will be available: We will let you know the date.

Airtel 30GB 30 Days 297 Tk Offer Code: This offer is not available right now. So we cannot give you the code for taking this internet offer.


We hope that you have get that knowledge about Airtel 30 days validity 30gb internet offer. If you still have any question regarding this offer then you should feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you very much for reading this article about Airtel 30gb internet offer for 30 days.

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