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At present, if you want to buy tickets for Ahsan Manzil, then there is an opportunity to buy tickets online. In this post, I will tell you all the rules for buying tickets online. Also, you can understand where to go and buy tickets by looking at the above website address. So you can know from here what rules to follow as a native person or as a foreigner in buying Ahsan Manzil tickets.


As soon as you visit the website, you will understand how much money you have to pay for purchasing any type of ticket. So let us try to find out what are the rules for buying Ahsan Manzil tickets and where to buy them.

You should copy the title mentioned above and after copying it, go to the Google Chrome browser and paste the copied address. After clicking on the search option, you will be taken directly to Hasan Manzil’s official website and there you can know the detailed rules of ticket purchase. But here you will purchase tickets by scrolling down and selecting the type of ticket you want to purchase first. In this case, if you want to buy a ticket for an elderly person, then click on the Buy Now option there. By double clicking on buy now option you can go to the next step and there you have to complete the registration.

In completing the registration first you will provide your name and email address by going below. Due to the large size of the email address, you should try to provide it correctly and accurately. After that you have to enter your active mobile number and go down and enter a password for it. In this case you can create your own password and go down and click on confirm password option. Later you will be asked for address information and you will provide your address details with your city below.

After providing the city name and the state you live in or where you live, you provide the postal code. Then you have to select the country and thus you complete your registration and move to the next step. And if it has been registered before then you can login with your user ID and login number and password only. Now you have to click on the purchase ticket option from where you completed the registration to purchase the ticket. Here you have to enter your ticket number and click on add button. If you are thinking of buying more than one ticket then you will be given more options there.

After selecting the ticket you have to provide other information and you have to make the payment. In making the payment you choose which mode you want to pay and there are many payment options. After completing the payment very nicely, you will come back to the website and once the payment is completed, you will be given the option to print the ticket.

That means when your ticket is generated in PDF file format, you can download it and once downloaded, visit with it. can So by following the rules mentioned above we came to know how to purchase tickets to enter Ahsan Manzil.

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