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5 Taka 500 SMS Banglalink 30 Days Code 2023

Dear friends, We are constantly discussing all SIM minutes and SMS offers before you. Today we will tell you how you can buy 500 sms for Banglalink SIM for 5 taka. I have appeared before you with the relevant information. Today we will show you how you can buy 500 sms in Banglalink SIM for 5 taka. Banglalink SIM has many more such offers. All the offers that many people have asked us to know.

To all of them if you read our article today carefully. You can easily know that Banglalink SIM has many such offers. We have discussed all the offers before you. If you want to get 500 sms for 5 taka on Banglalink SIM, you can know everything you need to do by reading our article today. There are also many students who use SMS constantly. This is definitely going to be more important for those who use SMS regularly. Because not all sim companies give 500 sms for 5 taka. There are several SIM companies.

For example: Banglalink has launched the offer of 500 SMS for 5 taka. If you want to buy 500 SMS for 5 rupees then you need to dial some special code. By dialing which you can buy 500 sms for 5 taka. We present all those codes in front of you today. If you can easily know all these codes. All you need to do is read our today’s article carefully. In the below section you can know the necessary information about how to buy 500 SMS for 5 rupees.

How to get 500 sms for 30 days in banglalink sim for 5 taka

Many people have asked us to know the codes to buy SMS, megabytes and minutes of different SIM companies. To all of them, if you read our today’s and previous articles that have been presented to you. He read all the articles carefully. Then you can easily learn many more such codes. Which will help organize your daily life more smoothly.

All you need to do to get 500 SMS on Banglalink SIM for Rs 5 is:
● Dial *132*1# to get 500 SMS for Rs.5
● To check it dial *132*2#

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If you buy 500 sms for Rs 5 then you will get 30 days validity. You have to complete 500 SMS within these 30 days. If you cannot complete 500 sms within 30 days. Then without any prior notice all the remaining SMS will be deducted. This means that you have to complete 500 SMS within the stipulated time. If you do not complete the SMS within this period, your SMS will no longer be on your mobile phone.

If you want to get any more such information then you can contact us directly. We wish to present any such information to you. We regularly discuss such information before you. There are many more information that we regularly present on our website through our articles. If you read all the information carefully. Then you can easily know the offers of Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk and many other sims including Banglalink.

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