5 Star Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2023 (BD Series)

5 Star Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2023 (BD Series)

Have you ever heard of 5 Star mobile phone? It is the most selling feature phone brand in Bangladesh. And it has hundreds of model in different series. Among them BD Series is the most popular among common people.

In this article we are going to show you complete list of Bangladeshi market price of 5 star mobile phone. Features and Android device of 5 Star mobile phone price in Bangladesh in 2023 will be collected from this page.

From many years 5 star is doing very good in feature phone sector. There are some reasons behind this popularity. The market price is low on the comparison of other brand.

5 Star Mobile Price in Bangladesh

If you want to buy the five star phones that are currently in the market, then I will say that you can use these phones at the lowest price and the quality of these phones is very good. So you can buy fivestar mobile at a low price from the button phone to all the android handsets that are currently being used. As people always want to get something good in low price or low budget so we always give you suggestion to buy five star phone. So if you want to see the phones of 5 star companies with different features or want to know their prices, then we will help you with the correct information.

Mobile phone is one thing without which we cannot communicate in our daily life as well as we can gather entertainment through various social media based on using mobile phone as the only means of entertainment. Therefore, as you continue to perform various important tasks through the mobile phone, Android handsets are being offered at competitive prices by various companies in the market today. So those who have a low budget or want to get a good quality phone within a low budget, they can definitely try the five star company’s phones.

If you want to see the phones of the five star company in the market, then there will be mentioned various features. If you judge the features that are provided for each handset based on the current update information, then you will see that they are not lacking in any part. Therefore, we are trying to inform you in detail about the various features of this five star company’s mobile phone, how the price of the phone will be and what benefits you are getting in terms of the internal settings of the phone. If you use the phones, you will understand how much convenience they are providing in your daily life at an affordable price. Below are the prices of five star company phones for you.

Nowadays if you want to use button phone or want to use multiple phones to keep your sim cards active then using phones from five star company will last the longest. Moreover, all the features provided by these companies in using the Android handset, you will not get comfort using any other company’s phone in that budget. Therefore, if you use the phones of this five star company, then you will understand how many opportunities this company has provided us in the low price. You can go down through this post and know the prices of phones with various features of the five star company.

Starting from 600, it has various price mobile device. The transportation cost is very low because this device is made in Bangladesh. And the materials used this device is imported from China.

5 Star BD Series Price

BD series phone is available in all corner of Bangladesh. The price varies from place to place. The standard place of collecting this device is your nearest local shop.

Here we upload latest price list of 5 Star mobile phone. At first we show you feature phone price.

5 Star BD70

We have published an article about 5 star BD70 mobile phone. Click this link to learn the price of this mobile details.

5 Star BD120

You can buy 5 star BD 120 mobile device from various sources. Click here to learn the actual market price of this device in Bangladesh.

There are many articles published on our website about Price and Features. You shouldn’t miss that.

5 Star BD100

In order to get idea about market selling price of 5 star BD 100, you have to read our content about that feature phone. Just click this link to visit that pens about the market price of that button phone.

Latest Price List 2023

Chart of latest 5 star mobile phone price in Bangladesh is given below.

  1. BD85 Tk. 5,500.00.
  2. 5 STAR BD25 Tk. 4,490.00.
  3. P5 Tk. 3,700.00.
  4. 5 STAR X10 CAR Tk. 1,240.00.
  5. FX 90 SPRING Tk. 1,175.00.
  6. 5 STAR BD120 Tk. 1,150.00.
  7. BD160 Tk. 1,040.00.
  8. 5 STAR Mobile: ZX6 Tk. 1,025.00.

Why 5 Star Phone is Popular

Some important things makes this device popular in Bangladesh. Among them beautiful design, colour, battery life and brilliant service are the main factor. Now we are going to discuss about it.

Beautiful Design: Mobile phone of this brand is beautifully designed. International famous designer works very hard for designing those mobile handset. This company spend most of its investment in design.

Mind-blowing Colour: All models of 5 star brand are of mind blowing colour. It looks very beautiful in day and night. On the other hand it has some precious gorgeous colour. Anyone must have to like the colour of 5 star devices.

Battery Life: Long lasting lithium ion battery is with all the devices. Users don’t have to think about battery life. The battery range starts from 1000 mAh to 3000 mAh. We suggest you to collect big battery feature phone from five star brand.

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