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103.113 nu covid registration – nu covid vaccine registration 2021

Are you a student at a national university? Then it is mandatory for you to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Because soon the National University is going to resume their educational activities.

Only students who receive the Coronavirus vaccine will be admitted to the educational program. Therefore, if you do not get vaccinated, you will not be able to participate in any class or test. You must show coronavirus vaccination certificate to attend class.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration

You will be happy to know that online registration for corona virus vaccination has started from 9th July. This registration will take three days. Registration will end on July 12. The National University has launched a website to complete the online application process. Each student has to complete their application by visiting the site within the stipulated time.

Those of you who do not know the address of the official website will get the link from our website. After entering the link, students will be given detailed instructions on how to complete the application. Anyone who follows the instructions can complete their application process in a matter of minutes.

103.113 nu covid registration

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The online application process has been simplified considering the convenience of the students. You can get help from us if you face any problem while applying. We have described the application process in detail.

To complete the online application, you first need to enter the site. Then you have to write your registration number properly.

In the next step you need to input some important information. Your name, father’s name should be written in proper clear letters.

Next you have to write down which course you are studying. Next you have to write which session you are a student of.

Then you have to enter your date of birth following the prescribed format.

You need to select whether you have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

NU CoronaVirus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link

The government has taken initiative to provide corona vaccine to students of different universities including national universities. Considering the health protection of the students, it is planned to open the educational institution after their vaccination.

The first dose vaccination of medical students has already been completed and initiatives have been taken to provide corona vaccine to all students currently studying under the National University. The educational institution was closed indefinitely in March 2020, keeping the students at home so far for health reasons.

CoronaVirus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link

Most of the educational institutions are operating online considering the loss of students, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has said that students will not be taken to educational institutions without being covered by vaccination.

How to Apply for NU Covid 19 Vaccine Registration

That is why the corona vaccination program has started more vigorously. Students will be taken to the educational institution only after completing the first and second doses of vaccination. There is good news for all the students currently studying under the National University and now the vaccination program has started with them.

In order to be vaccinated, you must first register, and once the registration is complete, you will be given a card through which you can participate in the vaccination program. Not only the students of the National University but also the students of all levels will be gradually brought under the vaccination

Apply for NU Covid 19 Vaccine

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