014 Which Operator in Bangladesh 2023

014 Which Operator in Bangladesh

Many people have asked us which SIM company uses the 014 code. Many of you don’t know which SIM company is currently using the 014 code. A SIM company in our country has marketed several SIMs using this code. All those SIMs have been able to reach people by marketing them. If you want to know then you must read our today’s article carefully. Today we will show you through our article which SIM company is using 014 code.

There are several SIM companies in our country. Those who are using the new SIM number code. This time the 014 code is being used by Banglalink SIM Company. Banglalink SIM Company is now making 014 code SIM instead of using their previously used 019 code. They are marketing all SIMs. Banglalink SIM Company has undertaken several initiatives.

This is one of these initiatives where it has been announced that from now on all the SIMs that will come in the market will come in the market with 014. From now on, if you want to buy all SIMs, you must show the customer’s national identity card to buy the SIM. If you want to buy SIM, you must buy 014 code SIMs

Why we are marketing 014 code SIMs today and what benefits you can get by using them. I am going to discuss all those issues in front of you. If you have read our article carefully then everything you need to do to use 014 code SIMs. You can easily know all the rules and facilities of using them.

Which sim company uses 014 code


There are some reputed SIM companies in our country. For example: Grameenphone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi, Teletalk. All these SIM companies are importing new SIM into the market. In continuation of that, Banglalink SIM Company is marketing 014 code SIMs this time. There are certain reasons behind marketing. All those reasons are:

● Ensure customer service
● Strengthening the SIM networking system
● Delivering SIM networks to remote areas
● Implementation of government policies

Considering these policies, Banglalink SIM has brought new special SIM in the market this time. By using all these SIMs you will get a comfortable networking system. Several SIM companies in our country are working to make the networking system more beautiful. Banglalink SIM is a part of that.

All the initiatives taken by Banglalink SIM network to beautify it. All those initiatives have been adopted by several other SIM companies. Working with them simultaneously. If you are a Banglalink SIM subscriber then you must have bought 014 code SIM before or seen it from someone. There are many people like you who are using 014 code SIM.

We have spoken to several customers and found that the 014 code’s networking is much more streamlined than previous SIMs. By using this SIM, people can easily communicate with other people and use the SIM. If you want to be such a customer then definitely buy the 014 code SIM. Must show your national identity card at the time of purchase and then purchase the SIM. Now it is not possible to buy SIM from any company without national identity card.

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